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Howdy. My name is Joel and I am 18 years old. I am very short-sighted, and this was a reason why I was mocked throughout my whole life. Even though I think I have a good soul, everyone says door handle(since a colleague told me I can suck his dick under the door handle). Perhaps the surface does not show my soul ache and I do not respond to these tortures, although it hurts me very hard. I want to tell you about the latest happening that made me think of suicide. I'm blackmailed by the guy in my class that's gay right now. He told me that if they do not have sex with him, he will publish some nudity with me and some indecent videos with me. The problem is I do not think I'm homosexual, and I do not want to answer blackmail. However, he got my mother's phone number and threatened to send him these compromising materials. Fuck my life, and I hope this shittylife ends as soon as possible. Singed Joel sweat

6 months ago

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