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Have you ever felt unnecessary ?! I am ... I am 18 years old and I realize that I did nothing important with my life! I'm in high school, I liked to be a little more on my shoulders than my other colleagues! I'm interested in making a future, not one as most people dream (money, women, cars)! I just want to be really a "man", not just with, the word! I have no friends, I do not have a girlfriend, ... I have no ambition! I did not like to go out with friends at the right moment, I did not like to see arrogance, silly and mischievous at a place from some "greyhounds" that remarked like the lice in the forefront! , punks , how they want to look, I did not like to play school! I do not have a real friend, you know ! The one you really rely on! I'm not from a rich family, yes, my parents taught me that life is not pink at all! Some people have luck other just have bad luck . I'm still a virgin and not because I'm an ugly guy , just because I'm fucking afraid of girls , i can't even approach one . My hands start to sweet my voice will stammer , I'm useless ( I am Gay ? ? ? ) heart_eyes heart_eyes sob

8 months ago

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