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I feel strange to write my problems on a site, but I can only keep all my secrets in me. In my life I have fought many injustices and have been subjected to untold trauma. All these happenings have formed me and, unfortunately, they left their trace, followed the pregnancy that influences my life now. I can not give you my name, but I can tell you that I’m a girl and my name it’s Angel. I'm in college at the moment, but I do not know how long to stay in this bloody country. I do not consider myself an infected feminist, but I can not suffer certain people, especially male. A few months ago I was on a trip with my class and stood at the sea in an apartment where we party . I felt in my element but everything went away from the shit and I realized how shitty they are around me , people. I know my limits but this time I drank too much and how stupid it sounds I got into my knees going to four paws like a Spiderman and throwing the net from my hands. What's frustrating that nobody helped me, everyone looked at me and laughing while I was standing on four feet like an animal that I was too drunk to talk like a Spiderman, I could just make some strange sounds. In addition they filmed me , they also posted on the Facebook the movie, not to mention accidentally finding the existence of the film. There were two colleagues in the kitchen who talked about that video in secret without even knowing if I was near them guy?" When did I look, who was it? I was, as I said in four paws and not to mention that and suddenly there was an infected bandage and asked two of them, "Who's that other motherfucker have names pirate while I was already wring out poured the whole bottle of white wine on me to wake me up and I went and left me on the stairs to sleep wet bang. That excursion was horrible, but now I expect to go to all the materials and get the big scholarship to get the hell out of the country and get rid of this shit!

6 months ago

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