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Hello everyone I'm a 17 years high school girl and my life had become a shitthole . I hope this text will make other people appreciate their life's more after reading this . smile My life was always a shit but in the lost 5 mounts or so is really bad . I dated this cute guy from other class 1 year bigger than me , heart_eyes , muscular , hot ride , alpha male of the group . But a wonder don't last forever soo one of my rival collage that liked him as well waited for me in the bathroom one morning with a shaver ...she hold me down as i was entering the toilet with another 2 girls and shaved my hole head angry rage rage and left me there . The hole school fond out about this because she made picture of me and posted on Instagram . She got arrested but with what use my life is a ruin i want to move from the city after i finish school . Now i where a wig till my hair will grow back . I have a SHITTY wonderful LIFE sad sad

11 months ago

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